Our Annual Fundraiser for Texas Roadhouse Rolls is here!

Start Selling and earn money for Your Student. See below for the details on how to order.

Click Texas Roadhouse Rolls Ordering Details & Steps:

1.  Sales Start on OCTOBER 5th and end on NOVEMBER 2nd

2.  Orders & money will be DUE BY 5pm on November 2nd – Due to Covid-19 restrictions, order forms & money will need to be turned into Kayla Diaz by November 2nd at 4pm.

3.  1 dozen rolls and 1 tub of butter is $6.00 ($3 of each sale goes to your student’s account), additional tubs of butter can be purchased for $3.00 ($1.00 of each sale of additional butter goes to your student’s account).

4. Orders will be READY FOR PICK UP on November 13thPick up outside the theater after school on the 13th.


This is a GREAT opportunity to practice sales skills, and get people yummy rolls before the holidays AND earn money into your Students’ Theatre Account.

Your Students will earn 50% of the orders into their account. (For Example: $6.00 / dozen rolls = $3.00 into your students account, $3.00 / extra butter = $1.00 into your students account)


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IF you encounter any issues or have any questions please feel free to reach out.

If you have any questions about this fundraiser please feel free to contact me either call, text or email.

Brandi Wilks

303-257-2038 | BrandiWilks@gmail.com