Using Scrip is Easy and a great way to earn money for your Student doing what you already do – shop! Imagine being in line for a store or a restaurant and instead of handing them your credit or debit card to pay for the bill you open your phone up and buy a gift card for that same store or restaurant to pay for the bill and by doing that your student gets instand funds into the Theatre account. PLUS you can have all your friends & family do the exact same thing to get your student more funds!

PHS Theatre Enrollement Steps:

1. Go to

2. Click ‘Join a Program’

3. Enter the enrollment code: 13ALC49D4222L

4. Create User Name, Password & Complete page (Make sure to put your students name in the student name section)


6. Click Register

7. Sign up for PrestoPay (click sign up now)

*NOTE: We are NOT set up to accept checks, bank account and credit cards only. If you try to use the check feature the system will not process.

8. Enter your bank account information for the account you will use to pay for purchases from & confirm information

*Credit cards can be used for purchases but will have a 2.5% processing fee on each purchase. Bank accounts will have $0.15 processing fee.

9. Create a 4-digit pin for your Scrip Account

10. Start Shopping! 🙂

IF you encounter any issues or have any questions please feel free to reach out.

If you have any questions about using scrip or how to get set up using Scrip, please feel free to contact me either call, text or email. 

Brandi Wilks

303-257-2038 |