Becoming a Member of the PTP is different then Volunteering with the PTP. As a member you have a voice and are able to vote for items along with the Board. Members get to make a difference in what Fundraisers the PTP has, Events, contributions to the Theatre Program and more. Plus your membership fee comes with perks for you and more funds into the Theatre Program. Join us today!


We Can Do it All

We are a community and as we all work togehter, we make huge impacts for the Students and to the Theatre Program at Ponderosa. Your membership gives you a voice and helps make it all happen!


PTP will provide support to the PHS Theatre program with grant writing if needed. We also provide scholarships for Students needing support with Thescon and other areas of the Theatre costs.


PTP hosts events throughout the year to raise funds for the Theatre Program. We contribute funds for things like new lighting systems, new sound systems, scholarships for Students for Thescon & more.


PTP Supports your Theatre Student with fundraisers to help raise money for Thescon & the New York Trip. Many students have a majority if not all of their trips paid for through fundraising.


PTP supports the Theatre’s shows with backstage help, ticket sales, meals for cast & crew during tech week, and more.


PTP contributes to the marketing of Productions for the Theatre. We also have social media platforms to help get tickets sold, fundraising for both students and for the Theatre and support the program.


The Membership Process


Legacy membership is available for PTP Alumni. For a One-Time fee, the Legacy member retains a voice at PTP general meetings and retention on communications. Alumni members are a great way for previous years experience can be shared with current and incoming PTP members.


Eligble members are a Parent, Guardian or Grandparent of any PHS student or any 8th grade student registered to attend PHS. Members must pay annual dues which allows them a voice and a vote at all general meetings and be involved in a greater capacity.


There shall be 5 officers on the Board for PTP. President, Vice President, Secretary, Communications & Treasurer. All Members that are current on their annual dues will be allowed to nominate, run for and vote for the next years Board Members. 


Members or Alumni

Once you have paid your membership annual fee you will be a Voting Member of the PTP. You will also receive your membership perks at the beginning of the school year. Thank you & Welcome to the PTP!

From Our Founder

Supporting Ponderosa Theatre

“We will strive to be positive role models and mentors to students at all times. To support and promote the extracurricular dramas and musicals at PHS, while also fostering students’ pride of participation in all aspects of those programs.”